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This year I'm not at my parents' house for Christmas, I didn't attend the UU holiday service, and there is no Yuletide fic waiting for me. Instead I was back from my parents' place in time for a sprawling hours-long gift exchange with my friends earlier this week (from which I emerged with a beautiful paper lantern and nice knitwear; Polaris also got a jar full of chocolate, and since both she and Housemate A are now halfway across the country with their own families, the chocolate is mine, all mine). We did a small apartment Christmas before they both left a few days ago. I spent a lot of yesterday at work, caffeinating people through their last desperate burst of holiday shopping, and various of us got small gifts from regulars; then I went home, and watched the Community Christmas episodes, and because I was far away from the UU holiday service, I asked YouTube to play me a choir singing Silent Night.

Today I'm going over to [personal profile] scribe's for Chinese takeout and a Lord of the Rings marathon, as one does. And I've had texts and calls from various friends and family, so even though it's just me, and I'm somewhere new and doing different things, it still does feel properly like the holiday.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday. <333

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